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Welcome to KwickCart!

If you see a KwickCart™, simply flag it down and tell the driver where you want to go.  Drivers often have advice about local dining, activities or events and can be a short-term tour guide for you. Rides are complimentary and drivers gladly accept your tips so please be considerate.

Support Our Community
Call us any evening for a pickup. We can usually get to you in 5 to 15 minutes. Give us a call from the restaurant when you ask for your check and we can be there by the time you get outside. Call us while you finish up your shopping and we'll be there to take you and your bags to your car. Arrange a pick up for after a show, concert, movie or other event. All of our drivers are equipped with 2-way radios, and we can send a driver to meet you in minutes.

Festivals & Concerts
Many Silicon Valley cities have outdoor festivals and concert venues. Pack your cooler and chairs and let a KwickCart get you from the parking area to the event and back.

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